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After a lengthy silience, Honeycomb Aeronautical addresses problems and concerns with Charlie pre-orders and a lack of communication.

FSElite, 26 January 2024

Additional Coverage: FSNews, Threshold


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Aircraft Lighting Pro enhances taxi and landing lights, navigational aids, and more, with a focus on replicating real-world aviation lighting.

MSFS Addons, 25 January 2024


Following the release of its first volume, Aerosoft has now released “Antarctica Vol. 2 – Australian Casey and Skiways”.

MSFS Addons, 26 January 2024

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Updated: Aerosoft confirms that the A330 is coming to MSFS 2020 as well as the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

FS Elite, 26 January 2024


Passenger2, the popular passenger and crew simulation addon has announced an interesting update aimed at “putting the fun into flight pricing.”

MSFS Addons, 23 January 2024


Pilot Experience Sim has ventured into new territory with the introduction of a new kind of flying machine: an FPV Racing Drone.

MSFS Addons, 24 January 2024


A big change is coming to DCS World as Eagle Dynamics streamlines their release system and does away with the traditional Stable and Open Beta updates.

Stormbirds, 26 January 2024


A new scene is coming from Parallel 42 that will give you a look at Carlos Edsonbar’s huge…

FSElite, 26 January 2024


What's New in the World of X-Plane

From this week's X-Plane.Org digest: The Leonardo Aermacci M-346 AJT is released, and new scenery is out for X01 and RJBB. Read more.


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