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FSElite, 23 February 2024

We are happy to announce that FlightSimExpo 2024 will be held at Rio Las Vegas over the originally planned dates: June 21-23, 2024.

Yesterday, we announced that FlightSimExpo 2024 will be held on June 21-23 at
Rio Las Vegas. Read the full announcement or check out the coverage of this late-breaking announcement on FSElite, MSFS Addons, and Stormbirds.

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Enjoy audio descriptions for 120 landmarks, points of interest and important locations across the country.

FSElite, 21 February 2024


The original freeware tool, one of the most popular downloads on FlightSim.to, has been expanded to include pulls, VR, new languages and accents, and more.

FSElite, 23 February 2024


The new version, currently under private testing, brings graphical improvements, flight model tweaks, improved weather, and more.

Threshold, 23 February 2024

Additional Coverage: Stormbirds

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Heatblur releases spectacular featurette to showcase the immense detail of their F4E Phantom for DCS.

FSElite, 17 February 2024


No subscription, an offline voice model and two premium tiers that use purchasable units.


The popular online ATC network’s USA division will soon begin trialing voice and text CTAF.

FSElite, 20 February 2024


Orbx continues to convert some of their classic sceneries from the FSX era to the wonderful new world of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

MSFS Addons, 24 February 2024

Orbx offers FSA Captains 20% off a range of their most popular aircraft and scenery. Plus, membership includes 3 free Orbx products.

Link your OrbxDirect Account Today!

What's New in the World of X-Plane

From this week's X-Plane.Org digest: F-22A gets updated, and new scenery is out for those night owls flying USA south. Read the full weekly roundup here.


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