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Hello! It's Saturday, February 25. We're covering new content from and for MSFS, Navigraph's new mobile charts app, and a re-review of the Honeycomb Charlie Pedals. First time reading? Subscribe here.

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Using the latest geographical data and technology, the new World Update includes new satellite imagery, aerial photography, and digital elevation models.

FSElite, 24 February 2023

Additional Coverage: MSFS Addons

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Packed with detailed modelling and texturing, the scenery paints an accurate depiction of the vast array of buildings scattered across the vast airport, located just to the north of the city.

FSElite, 18 February 2023

Review: TechRaptor


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We have created a very highly detail version of Gibraltar International Airport and the surrounding area with all of the latest technologies when it comes to 3D modelling and scenery development. 

RDPresets, 25 February 2023

Flightsim.to: What's Going On?

Here's our summary of this week's reporting from FSElite, FSNews, HeliSimmer.com, and MSFS Addons.


On February 11, MSFS mods and add-on site Flightsim.to announced some changes to its platform—and the reaction was...significant. Developers of both freeware and payware content expressed concerns about terms of service that prevented file deletion and suggested a boycott


Some developers left the platform and at least one popular freeware-payware add-on creator was removed entirely.


As of February 24, the platform has released a new policy designed to address developer concerns. Flightsim.to also rolled out its new Premium service with pricing ranging from US$2-16. Read the full summary of the latest news here.

The feature is part of the HPG H145 and it does not require any external applications.

HeliSimmer.com, 24 February 2023


The new mobile apps come with the same set of features as the tablet, and are available for both iOS and Android.

FSElite, 23 February 2023


Editor's note: per FSElite, their January review of the Honeycomb Rudder Pedals was inaccurate. We wanted to include this new link to the updated/corrected version. 

Bottom line – these pedals are great if they meet your use case, but they won’t be for everyone.

FSElite, 21 February 2023


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