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Hello! It's Saturday, January 20. We're covering the return of FSWeekend (we'll be there!), plenty of reviews, and cool freeware that harkens back to the golden age of aviation. New to Radio Check? Subscribe here.

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FSWeekend is set to return with its 2024 edition at the Aviodrome Museum in Lelystad, Netherlands.

MSFS Addons, 15 January 2024


Serving a yearly average of 240,000 passengers, Gladstone Airport in Queensland, Australia was built on a bulldozed airstrip in 1953, with work completed in 1956 and its official opening in 1957.


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Not impervious to feedback, the Yawman team has decided to lower the price of the Yawman Arrow to US$199, making it a more affordable option for simmers looking to change their hardware.


The much-anticipated public beta of SayIntentions.ai, an AI-powered Air Traffic Control system for MSFFS, has officially started. But the pricing is a topic of discussion within the community.

MSFS Addons, 15 January 2024


Lockheed Martin’s Patch 1 for for P3D v6.1 improves software stability and performance.

FSElite, 18 January 2024


“Arrows Across America” is a remarkable freeware add-on that revives a unique and nearly forgotten aspect of aviation history: the visual navigation system developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce in the 1920s.

MSFS Addons, 17 January 2024


Golden Age Simulations has released the iconic Boeing biplane.

MSFS Addons, 15 January 2024


The extensive update for the popular aircraft comes with some welcome additions and fixes based on issues reported by users.

FSElite, 19 January 2024


ProDesksim and HomeCockpit, both offer Throttle Quadrant add-ons designed to replicate the features of the 737. Let’s delve into a detailed comparison of these products.

FSElite, 19 January 2024


The miniFCU is a faithful recreation of the Airbus FCU (Flight Control Unit) that aims to be an affordable way for flight simmers to augment their immersion when flying Airbus aircraft. 

FSNews, 15 January 2024


From our Friends

We love supporting our friends around the community, especially freeware developers. Have a cool project you want us to feature? Let us know!

MobiFlight Releases Version 10.1

MobiFlight's 10.1 release includes support for Community Boards and Custom Devices, allowing the community to integrate additional output devices and significantly enhancing the flexibility and capability of your home cockpit setups. 3 partners have already onboarded their products: miniCOCKPIT's miniFCU, CoreFlightTech with their B737 product line, and KAV Simulations' authentic A320 LCDs. Read more


X-Crafts Offers Free, Real-World Weekly Flight Plans

Each week, get a real-world E-Jets flight delivered to your inbox that you can try to fly in X-Plane. Plus, if you submit a screenshot of your flight, you could win a store credit worth $50 from x-plane.org. More info.


What's New in the World of X-Plane

From this week's X-Plane.Org digest: public beta 12.0.9rc-5 is out and several new airports are released: read the weekly roundup here.


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